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§1: The name of this organization shall be "The Explorers Club of Pittsburgh". The name may be officially abbreviated "ECP".


§1: The ECP was organized in 1947 to promote exploratory science and adventure. The functions of the club shall be:

a. To promote explorations at home and abroad.

b. To educate interested persons in exploratory science.


§1: Members are those who now hold official membership cards

§2: Membership is open to all interested persons at least 18 years of age. A membership card may be obtained in the following way:

a. PERSONAL APPLICATION: An applicant for membership submits a completed application form, waiver, and the full dues for the current calendar year, to the membership coordinator. The application will be reviewed by the membership coordinator for completeness. All applicants whose interests and aims are consistent with those of the club shall be approved for membership by the membership coordinator.  Upon approval, the membership coordinator issues a membership card and forwards the application fee to the treasurer for deposit. If rejected, the reasons for rejection are written on the application and it is returned to the applicant along with the dues submitted.

§3: Types of Membership:

a. The term "Active Member" shall apply to a member at least 18 years old who has paid his or her annual dues.

b. Any active member may obtain active membership for their significant other and/or children of the same household (if 18 years of age or older) by paying family dues (to be determined by the membership).

c. Life membership may be granted to Flag Members who have been active club members for a minimum of ten years and who have contributed to the club and its objectives in such a manner as to warrant the highest honor the club can bestow. Any member can present to the Board of Governors candidates for Life Membership. The nomination shall include a written description of the candidate's qualifications and worthiness for this highest honor. If approved, the nominee is presented to the club membership at the next general meeting for the ratification by a majority of the active members present. The qualifications of a new Life Member shall be published in the EXPLORER.

d. To warrant the second highest honor the club can bestow, the person under consideration for Flag Membership must have made significant contributions towards achieving the club's goals of research, education, and adventure. Flag membership is a lifetime honor and may be extended to members who have been active for a minimum of five years, approved by the BOG and ratified by a majority of the active members present at the next club meeting. There shall be no more than two voting Flag Members at any time. Flag members shall retain a vote on the BOG for twelve months following their ratification by the membership. Each Flag Member shall receive a flag, bearing his or her number, at the club's expense. Any member can present to the BOG candidates for Flag Membership. The nomination shall include a written description of the candidate's qualifications and worthiness for this high honor. If ratified, the candidates qualifications shall be published in the EXPLORER.


§1: The ECP shall elect officers annually, or when a vacancy occurs. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Chair, Editor, and Equipment Chair shall hold office for a period of one year. Said year shall run from the close of the December meeting to the end of the following December meeting. Each person is eligible for re-election.

§2: The President shall be the presiding officer at club meetings. The President shall appoint, from active members, a Librarian, Historian, Environmental Chair, and such other appointees as directed by the Board of Governors and Membership. He shall in all matters seek to fulfill the wishes of the majority of the members and to advance the aims and objectives of the club. The President shall vote only in the case of a tie. The President shall not enter into any debated unless the President shall have yielded the Chair to the next office in line of succession. The President may suggest legislation to the BOG and shall, at each General club meeting, present any policy changes from the BOG meetings. If any portion of the club policy suggested by the BOG seems to find disfavor with the membership, the President shall seek to address the club's wishes.

§3: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent and shall be responsible for the speaker and/or program for each meeting.

§4: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President the Vice President shall become President. The office of Vice President shall be filled by election.

§5: The Secretary shall prepare and publish notice, agenda, and minutes of both the BOG and regular club meetings. The Secretary shall maintain an up to date policy record book and perform other duties appropriate to the office.

§6: The Treasurer shall keep account of all funds and monetary transactions, reporting such when requested at any club meeting.

§7: The Activities Chair shall be responsible for all official field trips. He shall collect pertinent information concerning potential field trips of interest to the membership. The Activities Chair shall maintain a list of who to notify in case of emergency for each member.

§8: The Editor shall be responsible for publication of the EXPLORER, the official club monthly newsletter.

§9: The Equipment Chair shall maintain control of all club equipment and rent that equipment to the active members at rates determined by the membership. The Equipment Chair shall recommend rental changes and procedures to the BOG and shall report inventory and condition to the Treasure and general membership at least twice a year.


§1 The Librarian shall maintain control of all books and files owned by the club, making them conveniently available to the active members. A list of all books and files must be published at least once each calendar year.

§2: The Historian shall keep a record of all published club activities and achievement and maintain the club scrapbooks.

§3: The Environmental Chair will:

a. Coordinate the environmental and conservation activities of the club.

b. Chair a voluntary committee or active members interested in environmental affairs.

c. Schedule monthly committee meetings.

d. Present timely reports of current environmental issues both at club meetings and through the EXPLORER.

§4: The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for processing new applications on a monthly basis. This includes providing a list of the new applicants for approval to the general membership, issuing membership cards to approved members, maintaining a record of accepted applicants, and forwarding application fees to the treasurer.

§5: Presidential appointments must be confirmed by a majority of the active members present at the meeting immediately following their appointments.


§1: The members of the Board of Governors shall be the Vice President, Secretary (who shall also serve as the Secretary of the BOG), Treasurer, Activities Chair, Editor, Equipment Chair and all Flag members in official capacity.

§2: The Vice President shall preside at the BOG meetings. The Vice President shall set the dates, place and frequency of such meetings and publish them in the EXPLORER.

§3: The Board of Governors shall suggest club policy to the membership through the minutes of its meetings. A majority of the active members present at any club meeting shall be required to amend any policy statements in the BOG minutes. Once the minutes have been presented and amended (if amended), the policy suggestions in the BOG minutes become the official policy of the club.

§4: The BOG shall choose flag members as described in Article 3, Paragraph §3, Part d.

§5: The BOG may request reports from the Chairperson of any committee whenever it is deemed necessary.


§1: Nomination

a. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee prior to the November general meeting.

b. The nominating committee shall present all current nominations at the November meeting and a complete set of nominations for every office through standard ECP communication channels at least one week prior to the December general meeting. 

c. Nominations from the general membership may also be made by the same means and timing stated in paragraph B.

§2: Election Procedure

a. Elections shall be made by secret ballot at the December meeting, with all offices voted on at the same time.

b. A majority of the active members present shall be required to elect an officer.

c. The newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the December meeting.


§1: The ECP shall determine its committee structure and composition with the following stipulations:

a. Any active member of the club may be appointed to any committee by the President, without membership approval.

b. All committee members must be appointed or approved by the President.


§1: Regular club meetings shall be held on the second Thursday of each month, except as provided in §2 of the article.

§2: By a majority vote of the active members present at any club meeting the date for any subsequent meeting may be changed.


§1: A quorum for the transaction of business at any club meeting shall be ten (10) active members or twenty percent (20%) of the active membership, whichever is fewer.

§2: A quorum for the transaction of business at any BOG meetings shall be three elected officers of the club.


§1: Field trips shall be designated as official when:

a. The Activities Chair sanctions the trip and the trip is led by a trip leader who is an active member. The trip leader shall be appointed or recognized as such by the Activities Chair.

b. There shall be at least one official field trip per month. All field trips shall be announced in the EXPLORER in advance.

§2: All activities other than field trips become official only if sanctioned by a majority of the active members present at any club meeting.


§1: Any change in club dues shall be determined by ballot at a general meeting and requires approval by a majority of the active members present. The change in dues applies to the following calendar year and is in effect on all dues collected from the time the change is approved.

§2: Dues for the following year must be paid by the start of the December meeting to retain full voting privileges at the December meeting. Those not paid by the December meeting will be dropped from the EXPLORER mailing list.

§3: Dues and other revenues collected shall be deposited in the club accounts.


§1: The President with the consent of one of the other officers of the club may spend no more than $50.00 in any given month without the consent of the membership.

§2: Any expenditures, except as stated in §1 of the article, must be approved by a majority of the active members present at any club meeting.

§3: Monies:

a. All money collected from equipment rentals shall be placed in an equipment fund.

b. Money from the equipment fund shall not be used for any other purpose than to purchase equipment.


§1: Amendments to the Constitution may be adopted at any club meeting by a majority of the active members present, provided that the amendments shall have been presented to the active membership in writing in two consecutive editions of the EXPLORER.

§2: Active members may cast absentee ballots with the Secretary prior to any meeting.


§1: In the event of club dissolution all equipment and funds will be donated to a local non-profit organization (the organization to be determined by the active membership at the time of dissolution) by a majority vote of the active members present at the last club meeting.

Adopting the motto "Research, Education, and Adventure" in 1947, for three generations the ECP has provided the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends who share a willingness to accept the physical and mental challenges of outdoor exploration and adventure.

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