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Section 1 General Policies of the Club

1.1  All publications and letters written on behalf of the Club must be approved by the BOG or by the majority of the membership present at a General Meeting. Permission of the BOG must be obtained to use the Club's name for publicity.

1.2   The Club membership list is never to be given or sold to any publishing house or place of business for commercial use unless approved by the majority of the membership present at a General Meeting.

1.3   The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date policy record book and a record book of all minutes. These records will be deposited with the historian at the end of each year.

1.4 Policy statements recommended by the BOG shall be published in the Explorer and, after publication, approved by a majority of the members present at the next General Meeting.

1.5 The Activity Chair shall appoint the Activity Coordinators each year from the Club membership. The Activity Chair may remove an Activity Coordinator who becomes inactive.

Activity Coordinators shall advocate and be the point of contact for the activity by helping current, new, or prospective members get connected with others in the club also interested in the activity and any events planned for it.  This should involve the following as able:

a. Seek out new members at general meetings that indicate the activity as one of their interests and help them connect with and explore the activity.

b. Answer incoming emails to the club related to the activity.

c. Inform club members if you see any local events or news related to your activity.

d. Encourage any members that are planning an event on their own or as a small/closed group to consider opening it up to the general membership in the form of an official Event.

e. Ensure that at least one Event for your activity occurs every year. 

1.6 The BOG may make decisions outside of a formal meeting [e.g. on-line voting] where action is needed. Such decisions are subject to the following conditions.

a. A formal motion must be posted on the BOG listserve for at least 72 hours before the action is taken unless the motion received approval by all BOG members

b. The words 'MOTION PROPOSED' must appear in the message subject line on the listserve.

c. The motion must have explicit approval of the majority of the BOG members, as indicated by the emails posted on the listserve.

d. Any BOG member may require the action be held off by requesting it be discussed at the next formal BOG meeting.

e. The decision must be recorded at the next BOG meeting and shown in the "published minutes."

Section 2 Policies of the Club Concerning Schools

2.1 For each school, the President shall appoint a committee Chair.  Committees and Chairs shall be appointed at least three months before the school is expected to begin and shall meet within one month of the appointment and report to the BOG regularly.

2.2 The Committees will recommend standards and criteria for the conduct of the schools, selection of instructors, and a director for each school after soliciting applicants for that position.

Funds Collected:

  • Each student in the Rock Climbing School will pay $10 into the Equipment fund and $10 into the MBEG fund.

  • Each student in the Mountaineering School will pay $20 into the Equipment fund and $25 into the MBEG fund.

  • Each student in the Backpacking School will pay $5 into the Equipment fund and $5 into the MBEG fund.

  • This money will cover normal wear on Club equipment and support important aspects of the club's purposes.These amounts will be included with the course fee.

  • Equipment deposits from students should be sufficient to cover loss or damage to individual items provided for their use. The School Committee, with input from the Director, will review the circumstances of loss or damage to group-use equipment. If it is determined that the loss or damage was due to the clear negligence of an individual, that individual will be required to replace the item. Otherwise, the loss or damage will be considered part of the normal wear and tear of operating the school.

2.3 Non-club members or minors may not enroll in, attend, or participate in any way, including whether as student or instructor in either the Rock Climbing or Mountaineering Schools. The only exception, which must be approved by the BOG for a specific school, is that members of outside groups having special skills not adequately represented in the ECP, i.e., rescue groups, may be invited to provide a session on instruction in those skills. Paid applicants to the Club are considered to be ECP members for the purposes of application to the schools.

2.4 The School Director will sign out all the club equipment required for the school. All students will pay a deposit to the Director for equipment that they personally use. That deposit will not be refunded if the equipment is not returned within 30 days following the conclusion of the school. Each student is personally responsible for the return of the equipment in order to have their deposit returned.

2.5 All students and instructors must sign BOG‑approved liability waiver forms to participate in the school.

2.6 The Committee Chair shall submit an evaluation of their school to the BOG at the conclusion of the school. These evaluations shall include income, expenses, a list of successful students, participating instructors, and recommendations for improvements to the school.   The BOG will be responsible for passing this report on to the next committee.

2.7 Any surplus income from the schools will be deposited into the equipment fund.

2.8 A Club sanctioned event such as the Roast or Halloween party, that will offer rock climbing will be expected to meet the safety criteria (like helmets) of the Rock Climbing School.

Section 3 Policies of the Club Concerning Equipment

3.1 Equipment Rental

  • Must be a member and show current membership card at time of rental

  • All pertinent information on rental form must be filled out in full. Dates of use and intended return must be provided!

  • Rental fees will be set by the Equipment Chair and approved by the BOG, to encourage and accommodate the typical needs of the membership.  The rental fees will be published.

  • Individual renting gear will pay 75% of current price for lost, stolen or damaged items

  • Fees to be paid at time of rental or return.

3.2 All equipment must be returned in a timely manner.

3.3 The Club shall maintain two classifications of ropes:

  • Static ropes - to be used only where dynamic loading will not occur, i.e., top roping, rescue training, rappelling, caving, etc. These ropes will be used only for the Rock Climbing School and Club sanctioned climbing events.

  • Dynamic ropes - to be used by the Mountaineering School as needed and by the Rock Climbing School as a second or trailing rope.

3.4 Ropes, rigging gear, and climbing harnesses are available only for Club sanctioned climbing and mountaineering activities.

3.5 All ropes shall be clearly marked and a record kept of their usage by the Equipment Chair.

3.6 The Equipment Chair will retire ropes on a timely basis or if they have been damaged.   School Directors will inform the Equipment Chair of any rope damage or abuse, such as leader fall, excessive abrasion, or chemical exposure, etc. The Club's rope inventory shall be evaluated, categorized, and marked before and after each school.

3.7 Requests for purchases of equipment can be initiated by the Equipment Chair, or any member through the Equipment Chair. The Equipment Chair will make recommendations to the BOG, including the submission of a minimum of two written bids from appropriate suppliers including current newsletter advertisers. In the case of any purchase with a total of less than $100, verbal bids will be sufficient. Equipment purchases more than $1,000 will require an Equipment Committee recommendation and five written bids.

Section 4 Policies of the Club Concerning Appointments.

4.1 The President will appoint a Web Master who will maintain a Club web site.

4.2 The Club Librarian will carry out the following policy: All library books borrowed from the club are due to be returned in a timely manner. A deposit of ten dollars per book will be collected by the librarian from any member borrowing a book. The rental fees are as follows:

    • one (1) month loan period - deposit is returned, no fee collected.
    • a charge of one dollar will be collected (or deducted from the deposit refund) for each month a book is out after the second month.
4.3 The President will appoint a Membership Coordinator who will:

    • collect application forms and dues from applicants and forward the money to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
    • maintain a current membership list, applicant file, and provide both to the Editor.
    • furnish new members with a membership packet.

4.4 The President will appoint a Publicity Coordinator to seek out, and alert the membership about, opportunities to publicize the functions and activities of the club.

Section 5 Policies of the Club Concerning Finances

5.1 Budget

5.1.1 On an annual basis, the general membership shall approve an operating budget. This budget will be used to guide the financial decisions of the club.

5.1.2 The President shall appoint a Budget Committee by June of each year. This Committee shall consist of a minimum of three club members.

5.1.3 The Budget Committee shall prepare a proposed budget for the following calendar year. This budget shall include detail on projected income and anticipated expenditures.

5.1.4 The Budget Committee shall submit a proposed budget to the BOG no later than the September BOG meeting. The BOG shall review the budget at the September and October BOG meetings, present a recommended budget at the November general meeting, and publish the recommended budget in the December Explorer. The budget shall be voted on by the membership at the January general meeting.

5.1.5 In the event that the budget is not approved by the January general membership meeting, the budget from the previous year shall be deemed a temporary budget up to April 30. If a new budget has not been adopted by April 30, no expenditures shall be made, except with the approval of the majority of the members present at a general meeting.

5.2 Expenditures

5.2.1 Any expenditures in an approved budget may be made without further approval by the general membership. Expenditures for other items require approval by the general membership throughout the year.

5.2.2 A description of any proposed non-budgeted expenditure which requires approval of the general membership must be published in at least one issue of the Explorer. This provision shall be waived in the event that time is of the essence, with the approval of the majority of the members present at a general meeting.

5.3 Special Funds

In addition to the general fund and equipment fund, the accounting records and budget of the club shall recognize the following:

5.3.1 Contingency Fund.  A fund shall be established and maintained at a level recommended by the budget committee. This fund will be used to meet unanticipated expenditures for newsletter production and general meetings.

5.3.2 George Bogel Memorial Fund.  A fund shall be maintained and used for the funding of conservation related activities of interest to the club. When the balance in the George Bogel Fund is less than $3000, 15%   from each individual membership dues and 15% from each family membership dues shall be allocated to the George Bogel Memorial Fund.

5.3.3 Equipment Fund. A fund shall be established and maintained for the purchase, storage, and maintenance of equipment for club activities. Revenue for this fund shall be provided on a per-student basis from club schools and surplus school revenues (as outlined in section 2.2), and from equipment rentals, and, when Bogel Fund Balance is greater than $3000, 15% from each individual membership dues and 15% from each family membership dues shall be allocated to the Equipment Fund.

5.3.4 Mike Brown Memorial Expedition Grants Fund. A fund shall be established for grants in support of worthy club expeditions. Procedures and committees will be set to review applications for these grants and determine their worthiness and the amounts of the grants to be made. Funds for these grants will be obtained by allocation of 10% from each individual membership dues and 10% from each family membership dues as well as from school revenues (as outlined in section 2.2) and from donations and special fund-raising programs.

5.4 Audit Committee

5.4.1 A committee shall be appointed to audit the financial records of the club whenever deemed necessary by the BOG or when a new treasurer is elected.

5.4.2 The committee shall consist of three club members. It shall include the incoming treasurer and two other club members who are not officers. If an audit is performed without a change of treasurer three club members who are not officers shall be appointed.

Section 6: Policies of the Club Concerning Membership

6.1 Membership Dues

6.1.1  The individual membership shall be $20 per year and the family membership shall be $25 per year.

6.1.2  The five year membership shall be four times the annual membership rate. The ten year membership shall be seven times the annual membership rate.

6.2 Membership Dates

6.2.1 Membership dates (for all memberships not set to begin or renew prior to January 2, 2020) will be from the date of acceptance of annual dues until that same date one year later.

Adopting the motto "Research, Education, and Adventure" in 1947, for three generations the ECP has provided the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends who share a willingness to accept the physical and mental challenges of outdoor exploration and adventure.

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