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Lending Library

Title Author Year Published Format Type
100 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes Spring, Ira and Harvey Manning 1985 Book Guide
100 Hikes in the Glacier Peak Region Spring, Ira and Vicky and Harvey Manning 1988 Book Guide
100 Hikes in the Inland Northwest Landers, Rich Dec-87 Book Guide
100 Hikes in the North Cascades Spring, Ira 1988 Book Guide
100 Hikes in the South Cascades and Olympics Spring, Ira 1985 Book Guide
100 Hikes in Western Washington Marshall, Louise B. 1966 Book Guide
102 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes, South Cascades, and Olympics Spring & Manning 1971 Book Guide
180 Degree South Magnolia Hme Entertainment 2010 DVD Video
1989 WPW Bicycle Rip Maps Western PA Wheelmen Book Guide
2000 Miles To Maine Adventures on the Appalachian trail Morse, Douglas & Estes, Heide 2004 DVD Video
25 Bicycle Tours in Maine Stone, Howard Book Guide
25 Bicycle Tours in Ohio's western Reserve Walters, sally Book Guide
25 Bicycle Tours in the Hudson Valley Stone, Howard Book Guide
50 Hikes in Mount rainer National park Spring, Ira and Manning, Harvey 1988 Book Guide
50 Hikes in Mount Rainier National Park Spring, Ira 1978 Book Guide
50 Short Climbs in the Midwest Halliday, William R. 1978 Book Guide
60 Hikes Within 60 Miles- Twin Cities Watson, Tom 2002 Book Guide
60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Pittsburgh: and Surrounding Counties Ruff, Donna 2006 Book Guide
75 Hikes in California's Lassen Park & Mount Shasta regions Soares, John R. 1996 Book Guide
80 Northern Colorado Hiking Trails Lowe, Don & Roberta 1973 Book Guide
A Boat in Our Baggage Coffey, Maria 1995 Book Story
A Climbers Guide to Glacier National Park Edwards, Gordon J 1984 Book Guide
 A Climber's Guide to Glacier National Park  Edwards, Gordon J 1984 Book Guide
A Color Guide to Sailing Pickthall, Barry 1980 Book Guide
A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine Weiss, MD, Eric A. 1992 Book Guide
A Day in the Life Paul Dusatko and Integrity 7 2005 DVD Video
A First Rate Tragedy: Robert Falcon Scott and the Race to the South Pole Preston, Diana 1998 Book Story
A Hiker's Guide to the Laurel Highlands Trail Sierra Club, PA Chapter 1977 (2nd Ed) Book Guide
A Mile in Her Boots - Woman Who Work in the Wild Bove' Jennifer 2006 Book Story
A Walking Tour of Machupicchu Nava, Pedro Sueldo 1980 Book Guide
A Woman's Guide to Mountaineering Gabbard, Andrea 1999 Book Guide
A.K. Handbook Jirak, D. Ivan L. 1974 Book General
Abode of Snow Mason, Kenneth 1987 Book General
Accidents in N.A. Mountaineering 2013 American Alpine Club 2013 Book General
Accidents in North American Mountaineering - 1975 American Alpine Club 1975 Book General
Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1994 American Alpine Club 1994 Book General
Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2008 North American Alpine Club 8-Sep Book General
Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2009 North American Alpine Club Sept. 2009 Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1983  American Alpine Club  1983  Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1982  American Alpine Club 1982 Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1978 American Alpine Club 1978 Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1985  American Alpine Club  1985 Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1977 American Alpine Club 1977 Book General
 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1981  American Alpine Club  1981 Book General
Aconcagua, A Climbing Guide Secor, R. J. 1994 Book Guide
Across The Top Wilby, Sorrel 1993 Book Story
Activites A Haut Risque Et Sauveetages En Milieu Perrilleux (Activites of High Risk and rescues?) ? 1990 Book Guide
Addicted to danger Wickwire, Jim & Bullitt, Dorothy 1998 Book Biography
Adirondack Rock and Ice Climbs Rosecrane, Thomas 1976 Book Guide
Adirondacks, A Climbers Guide Healy, Trudy 1971 Book Guide
Adirondacks, Climbing in the Mellor, Don 1983 Book Guide
Advanced First Aid & Emergency Care American National Red Cross 1973 Book Guide
Advanced Rockcraft Robbins, Royal 1973 Book Guide
Adventure Sports Rock Climbing Barry, John Feb-89 Book Guide
Adventure Travel in Latin America Graham, Scott 1990 Book Guide
Adventuring in the California Desert Foster, Lynne 1997 Book Guide
Alaska- Yukon Handbook Castleman, Pitcher, & Stanley 1990 Book Guide
Alone dAboville, Gerard 1993 Book Story
Alpine Circus Finkel, Michael 1999 Book Story
Alpine Climbing- Techniques to Take You Higher Houston, Mark & Cosley, Kathy November, 2004 Book Guide
Alpine Huts (Guide to the facilities of the Alpine Club of Canada) Haberl, Keith 1997 Book Guide
AMC Maine Mountain Guide (7th Edition) Appalachian Mountain Club 1993 Book Guide
AMC River Guide v.2 Central/Southern New England Appalachian Mountain Club 1978 Book Guide
America's Rail-Trails Wengert, John B. 1991 Book Guide
American Alpine journal 2013 American Alpine Club 2013 Book General
American Caves and Caving: Techniques, Pleasures and Safeguards of Modern Cave Exploration Halliday, William R. 1974 Book Guide
American Youth Hostels' First Fifty Years Warren, Bacil B. 1985 Book Story
Americans on Everest Ullman, James Ramsey 1964 Book Story
An Ice Climber's Guide to Northern New England Wilcox, Rick 1992 (2nd ed) Book Guide
An Ice Climber's Guide To Northern New England Wilcox, Rick 1982 Book Guide
Angels Four Nott, David 1972 Book Story
Angels of Light Long, Jeff 1987 Book Story
Anna-Purna Herzog, Maurice Book Story
Annapurna South Face Bonnington, Chris 1979 Book Story
Annapurna, A Woman's Place Blum, Arlene 1980 Book Guide
Antarctica Journey to the Pole Lerangis, Peter 2000 Book Story
Antartica Robinson, Kim Stanley 1999 Book General
Appalachian Adventure: From Georgia to Maine: A Spectacular Journey on the Great American Trail Atlanta Journal and Constitution Dec-95 Book Story
Appalachian Trail Guide- Shenandoah National Park Potomac Appalachian Trail Club 1977 Book Guide
Archery Pszczola, Lorraine Jan-76 Book Guide
Art of the Himalayas Pal, Pratapaditya 1991 Image Picture
Ascent Leamer, Laurence 1982 Book Story
Astronomy Pasachoff, Jay M 2006 Book Guide
Astronomy for Every Kid- 101 easy experiments that really work VanCleave, Janice 1991 Book General
AT Shenandoah National Park- Central District Potomac Appalachian trail Club 1988 Map Map
AT- Shenandoah National park- Northern District Potomac Appalachian trail Club 1989 Map Map
Avalanche Handbook Perla Ronald I. 1975 Book General
Awake in the Wild Coleman, Mark 2006 Book General
Babes in the Woods Hoadley, Bobbi 2003 Book Guide
Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care Tilton, Buck 1994 Book Guide
Backcountry Huts & Lodges of the Rockies and Columbias Scott, Jim 1-Mar-02 Book Guide
Backcountry Skiing: The Sierra Club Guide to Skiing off the Beaten Track Tejada-Flores, Lito 1981 Book Guide
Backpacking in Alaska DuFresne, Jim 1995 Book Guide
Backpacking in Chile & Argentina Bradt, Hillary 1996 (3rd edition) Book General
Backpacking Tips Schneider, Russ & Schneider, Bill Book General
Bad Trips Fraser, Keath ed. 1991 Book Story
Barefoot sisters Southbound Letcher, Susan and Lucy 2008 Book Story
Barefoot Sisters Walking Home Letcher, Lucy & Susan 2010 Book Story
Basic Mountaineering Sierra Club 1972 Book General
Basic rescue and Emergency Care American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 1990 Book Guide
Basic rockcraft Robbins, Royal Book General
Be an Expert With Map and Compass Björn Kjellström Revised edition (June 24, 1994) Book Guide
Becoming Odyssa: Adventures on the Appalachian Trail Davis, Jennifer Pharr 2011 Book Story
Being Your Own Wilderness Doctor Kodet, Dr. E. Russel & Angier, Bradford 1986 Book Guide
Bell's Scottish Climbs Bell, J.H..B. 1988 Book Guide
Bellefonte Climbing Guide Bowers, Jim 1987 Book Guide
Below Another Sky Ridgeway, Rick 2000 Book Story
Below the Convergence Gurney, Alan 1997 Book Story
Best Bike Rides in the Midwest Van Valkenberg, Phil Book Guide
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Ralston, Aron 2010 Book Story
Beyond the Limits Allison, Stacy 1993 Book Story
Beyond the Mountain House, Steve 2009 Book Story
Bicycling Magazine's Bicycle Commuting Made Easy Editors of Bicycling Magazine Book Guide
Big Wall Climbing: Development, Techniques and Aids Scott, Doug 1978 Book Guide
Bike Touring: The Sierra Club Guide to Outings on Wheels Bridge, Raymond August, 1979 Book Guide
 Bitteroot to Beartooth: Hiking Southwest Montana Rudner, Ruth 1985 Book  Guide
Black Forest Trail PA Bureau of Forestry ? Book Guide
Black Hills Needles, Selected Free Climbs of the McGee, Dingus 1981 Book Guide
Blue Ridge Voyages v.1 One and Two Day Cruises Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia Corbett, H. Roger 1972 Book Guide
Blue Ridge Voyages v.3 One Day River Cruises Virginia, West Virginia Corbett, H. Roger 1972 Book Guide
Boston Rocks MIT Outing Club 1987 Book Guide
Boundary Waters Canoe Area v.1 The Western Region Beymer, Robert Jan-86 Book Guide
Boundary Waters Canoe Area v.2 The Eastern Region Beymer, Robert Jan-86 Book Guide
Bugaboo Rock- A Climbers Guide Green & Bensen 1990 Book Guide
Bungy Jumping Operations Handbook Weinel, J.E. 1992 Book Guide
California's Wilderness Areas Wuerthner, George 1997 Book Guide
Called Again Davis, Jennifer Pharr 2013 Book Story
Camp 4 - Recollections of a Yosemite Rockclimber Roper, Steve 1994 Book Story
Camping and Climbing in Baja Robinson, John W. 1989 Book Guide
Cannon - A Climber's Guide Peterson, Howard 1975 Book Guide
Cannon, Cathedral, Humphrey's and Whitehorse - A Rock Climbers Guide Ross, Paul & Ellms, Chris 1982 Book Guide
Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial Park Friends of Algonquin Park 1993 Map Map
Canoeing and Kayaking Ruck, Wolf Jul-74 Book Guide
Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia Weil, Roy R. 1990 Book Guide
Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania and Northwestern West Virginia american Youth Hostel 1991 (8th Ed) Book Guide
Canoeing in the Temagami Area Map Map
Canoeing Wild Rivers Jacobson, Cliff 1989 Book Guide
Canoeing: A Trailside Guide Grant, Gordon 1997 Book Guide
Canoeist's Q&A: Scenarios for Serious Canoeists Jacobson, Cliff Mar-97 Book Guide
Canyon Country Hiking and Natural History Barnes, F.A. 1985 Book Guide
Carson- Iceberg Wilderness Schaffer, Jeffrey P 1987 Book Guide
Cascade Alpine Guide Becky, Fred 1987 Book Guide
Casewit, Curtis W & Pownall, Dick The Mountaineering handbook 1968 Book Guide
Cathedral and White Horse Ledges, A Climbers Guide Cote, Joseph & Karen 1969 Book Guide
Caves of Western Pennsylvania White, William B. Book Guide
Caves of Western Pennsylvania White, William B. 1976 Book Guide
Chapman Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling Maloney, Elbert S. 1983 Book Guide
Chasing Ice Jeff Oriowski - Director 2013 DVD Video
Circuit Hikes in Shenandoah National Park Potomac Appalachian Trail Club 1980 Book Guide
Clifton Gorge, A Climbers Guide to DeGuiseppi, Jack 1979 Book Guide
Climb! The History of Rock Climbing in Colorado Godfrey, Bob Jun-77 Book Story
 Climbers Guide to Montana Caffrey, Pat  1986 Book  Guide
Climb, Tragic Ambitions on Everest, The Boukreev, Anatoli 1997 Book Story
Climber's Guide to North America: Rocky Mountain Rock Climbs Harlin III, John 1985 Book Guide
Climber's Guide to the Great Falls of the Potomac Eakin, James A., PATC Jun-85 Book Guide
Climber's Guide to Yosemite Valley Roper, Steve 1971 Book Guide
Climbers and Hikers Guide to the Worlds Mountains Kelsey, Michael R 1981 Book Guide
Climbing Fawcett, Lowe, Nunn and Rouse 1986 Book Guide
Climbing : Expedition Planning Soles, Clyde & Powers, Phil 2003 Book General
Climbing and Hiking in Ecuador Rachowiecki, Rob 1984 Book Guide
Climbing and Hiking in the Wind River Mountains Kelsey, Joe 1980 Book Guide
Climbing Big Walls Strssman, Mike 1990 Book Guide
Climbing Blind Richard, Colette 1967 Book Story
Climbing Fit Hurn, Martyn & Ingle, Pat 1988 Book Guide
Climbing Fit Hurn, Martyn & Ingle, Pat 1988 Book General
Climbing Free Hill, Lynn 2003 Book Story
Climbing Guide to the Delaware Water Gap Steele, Michael 1988 Book Guide
Climbing Ice Chouinard, Yvon May-78 Book Guide
Climbing in North America Jones, Chris 1976 Book Guide
Climbing In North America Jones, Chris 1976 Book General
Climbing on the Edge Gobbi, Betta 2002 Image Picture
Climbing on the Niagara Escarpment Smart, David 1985 Book Guide
Climbing Self Rescue Tyson, Andy & Loomis, Molly May, 2006 Book Guide
Climbs in the Canadian Rockies Smythe, Frank Book Guide
Cloud Dancers Waterman, Jonathan 1993 Book Story
Cold Comfort: Keepnig Warm in the Outdoors Randall, Glenn 1987 Book Guide
Cold Oceans Turk, Jon 1999 Book Story
Colorado Rockhounding Voynick, Stephen M. 1995 Book Guide
Colorado's Fourteeners, A Climbing Guide to Borneman & lampert 1992 Book Guide
Colorado's High Thirteeners Garratt & Martin 1992 Book Guide
Common Sense Medical Guide and Outdoor Reference Breyfogle,Newell D. 1981 Book Guide
Coopers Rock Bouldering Guide Brayack, Dan & Keenan, Tim 2007 Book Guide
Cotopaxi Parque Nacional Anhalzer, Jorge 1988 Book Guide
Cross-Country Skiing Gillette, Ned 1979 Book Guide
Cross-Country, Downhill and Other Nordic Mountain Skiing Techniques Barnett, Steve 1978 Book Guide
Cycling: Repair, Correct Riding Position, Safety (Video) Bosworth 1990 VHS Video
Darrington & Index - Rock Climbing Guide Beckey, Fred 1976 Book Guide
Deborah: A Wilderness Narrative Roberts, David 1970 Book Story
Decent Into Ice Nova VHS Video
Deep Survival - Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why Gonzales, Laurence 2003 Book General
Derek C. Hutchinson's Guide to Sea Kayaking Hutchinson, Derek C. 1990 Book Guide
Desert Hiking Ganci, Dave 1987 Book Guide
Desert Survival Maricopa County Dept. of Civil defense and Emergency services Book Guide
Desperate Grace A Book of Climbs Green, Rex 1975 Book Guide
Devil's Lake, Climber's Guide to Widule, William & Swartling, Sven Olof 1979 Book Guide
 Devils Tower National Park Service  1081 Book Guide
Devils Tower National Monument Gardiner & Guilmette 1986 Book Guide
Discovery of the Yosemite in 1851 Bunnell MD, Lafayette 1880 (originally) 1980 Book Story
Diving Companions: Sea Lion, Elephant Seal, Walrus Cousteau, Jacques-Yves Sep-74 Book Story
Dixie Crystals Waddle, Roid 1983 Book Guide
Down the Colorado Powell, John Wesley & Porter, Eliot 1969 Image Picture
Downhill: Life Cycle of a Gravity Goddess, The Streb, Marla Book General
E-11 Hot Aches Productions 2006 DVD Video
Emerald Mile, the Fedarko, Kevin 2013 Book Story
Emigrant Wilderness and Northwestern Yosemite Schifrin, Ben 1990 Book Guide
Encounters with the Archdruid McPhee, John 1980 Book Story
End of Night, The Bogard, Paul 2013 Book General
Endangered Rivers and the Conservation Movement Palmer, Tim 1986 Book General
Epic - Stories of Survival From The World's Highest Peaks Willis, Clint 1997 Book Story
Europe 99 Hostelling International Jan-99 Book Guide
Everest starring: Liam Neeson, Lhakpa Dorji, Dorje Sherpa, and Ed Viesturs VHS Video
Everest The Hard Way Bonington, Chris 1976 Book Story
Everest: The West Ridge Hornbein, Thomas F. 1980 Book Story
Everest: The West Ridge Hornbein, Thomas F. 1981 Book Story
Explorers Who Got Lost Sansevere-Dreher, Diane 1992 Book General
Exploring Beyond Yellowstone: Hiking, Camping, and Vacationing in the National Forests Surrounding Yellowstone and Grand Teton Adkison, Ron 1996 Book Guide
Exploring Cuzco Frost, Peter 1985 Book Guide
Exploring Joshua Tree Mitchell, Roger 1990 Book Guide
Exploring the Baqckcountry of Zion National Park: Off-Trail Routes Brereton, Thomas 1996 Book Guide
Exploring the Himalaya Douglas, William O. Jun-58 Book Story
Exploring the yellowstone Backcountry Bach, Jr., Orville 1991 Book Guide
Exploring Underwater: The Sierra Club Guide to SCUBA and Snorkeling Culliney, John L. 1980 Book Guide
Facing The Extreme Kocour, Ruth Anne 1999 Book Story
 Field Book The Big Horn Range Orrin H. Bonney & Lorraine G. Bonney 1977 Book Guide
 Field Book The Wind River Range  Orrin H. Bonney & Lorraine G. Bonney1977   Book  Guide
Fifty Classic Climbs of North America Roper, Steve Sep-79 Book Guide
Fifty Hikes in the White Mountains Doan, Daniel 1987 Book Guide
Fifty Hikes In Western Pennsylvania Thwaites, Tom 1983 Book Guide
Finding Everett Ruess Roberts, David 2011 Book Story
Finding Everett Ruess Roberts, David 2011 Book Story
First Ascent Sender Films DVD Video
First Ascent - The Complete Series Sender Films 2010 DVD Video
First On Everest Holzel & Salkeld 1988 Book Story
Fishwatcher's Guide to West Atlantic Coral Reefs: A Waterproof Guide Chaplin, Charles C.G. 1972 Book Guide
Florida by Paddle and Pack Toner, Mike & Pat 1980 Book Guide
Flying South Rowell, Barbara Cushman 2002 Book Story
For Earth's Sake Brower, David Apr-90 Book Story
Foxfire 4 1977 Book General
Free Climbing with John Bachar (Climbing Specialist Series) Bachar, John May-96 Book Guide
French River 1999 Map Map
From Here to There Hand Drawn Map association 2010 Image Picture
From the Ocean to the Sky Hillary, Edmund 1979 Book Story
Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation Burch, David 1987 Book Guide
Gervasutti's Climbs Gervasutti, Giusto 1979 Book Story
Ghar Parau Judson, David 1973 Book Story
Gifts of the Wild: A Womans Book of Adventure Assorted 1998 Book General
Girl on the Rocks: A Woman's Guide to Climbing with Strength, Grace, and Courage Brown, Katie 2009 Book Guide
Glacier Bay National Park DuFresne, Jim 1987 Book Guide
Glacier National Park, A Climber's Guide to Edwards, J. Gordon 1976 Book Guide
Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Selters, Andy 1997 Book Guide
Glaciers of North America Ferguson, Sue A. 1992 Book General
Going Higher Houston, MD, Charles S 1987 Book Guide
Going Higher: The Story of Man and Altitude Houston, Dr. Charles S. Oct-87 Book Story
Gorilla Monsoon Long, John Jan. 1989 Book Story
Grand Teton: Owen-Spalding Route Alpenglow Book Guide
Granite Mountain, A Topo Guide to Waugh, Jim 1982 Book Guide
Gritstone Climbs Webster, Bill 1978 Book Guide
Guide to Adirondack trails: High Peaks Region Adirondack mountain Club 1985 Book Guide
Guide to the Baker Trail Rachel Carson Conservancy 2007 Book Guide
Guide to the Colorado Mountains Ormes, Robert M. 1992 (9th ed) Book Guide
Guide to the Hiking Areas of New Mexico Hill, Mike 1995 Book Guide
Guide to the Mammals of Pennsylvania Merritt, Joseph F. Sep-87 Book Guide
Guide to Trails of The West-Central Adirondacks Redington, Robert J. 1980 Book Guide
Gurnee Guide to American Caves: A Comprehensive Guide to the Caves in the United States Open to the Public Gurnee, Jeanne and Russell Jun-80 Book Guide
Handbook of the Canadian Rockies Gadd, Ben 1986 Book Guide
Handtools for Trailwork US Department of Agriculture 1997 Book Guide
Heart of Stone-A Guide to Climbing on the Cumberland Plateau Whittemore, Eddie 1990 Book Guide
High Alaska Waterman, Jonathan 1989 Book Guide
High Altitude: Illness and Wellness Houston, Charles 1993 Book Guide
High and Wild Rowell, Galen 1979 Book Story
High Crimes Michael Kodas Feb. 2008 Book General
High Drama MacInnes, Hamish 1980 Book Story
High Exposure Breashears, David 1999 Book Story
High Huts of the White Mountains Reifsnyder, William E. 1979 Book Guide
High in the Thin Cold Air Hillary, Sir Edmund & Doig, Desmond 1962 Book Story
High Mountain Challenge: A Guide for Young Mountaineers Allen, Linda Buchanan Sep-89 Book Guide
 High Plains Climbs: Guide to Casper, Wyoming Area Parmenter, Patrick, Moore, Kelly & Ilgner, Arno 1983 Book Guide
High Sierra Hiking Guide # 1. Yosemite, the Valley and Surrounding Uplands Wilderness Press 1980 Book Guide
High sierra Hiking guide Devils Postpile Felzer, Ron 1990 Book Guide
High sierra Hiking Guide Hetch Hetchy Felzer, Ron 1993 Book Guide
High Sierra, The Climber's Guide to the Roper, Steve 1976 Book Guide
Hiker's Guide to Glacier National Park Nelson, Dick 1978 Book Guide
Hiker's Guide to the Smokies Murlless, Dick & Stallings, Constance 1973 Book Guide
Hiker's Guide to the Smokies Murlless, Dick 1973 Book Guide
Hikers Guide to Allegheny National Forest Sierra Club 1982 Book Guide
Hiking Marais, Jacques 2002 Book General
Hiking and Backpacking: A Complete Guide Berger, Karen 1995 Book Guide
Hiking Grand Teton National Park Schneider, Bill 1998 Book Guide
Hiking Guide to Delaware Water Gap national Recreation Area Steele, Michael 1988 Book Guide
Hiking Guide to Mount Washington and the Presidential Range Daniell & Burroughs 1998 Book Guide
Hiking Guide to Western Pennsylvania American Youth hostels 1978 Book Guide
Hiking Michigan Modrzynski, Mike 1996 Book Guide
Hiking Olympic National Park Molvar, Erik 1995 Book Guide
Hiking The Great Northwest Manning & Spring Book Guide
Hiking the High Wallowas and Hells Canyon Wallowa Resource Council 1995 Book Guide
Hiking the Mountain State: The Trails of West Virginia De Hart, Allen 1986 Book Guide
Hiking the Southwest Ganci, Dave 1983 Book Guide
Hiking the Teton Backcountry  Lawrence, Paul 1979  Book  Guide
Hiking West Virginia - Sods Circuit Carroll, Steven and Miller, Mark eBook General
Himalayan Quest Viesturs, Ed & Potterfield, Peter 2003 Image Picture
How to Rock Climb Long, John 1989 Book Guide
How to Shit in the Woods Meyer, Kathleen 1989 Book Guide
Hypothermia Frostbite and other Cold Injuries Wilkerson, MD James A. 1986 Book Guide
Hypothermia-Death By Exposure Forgey, M.D. William W. 1985 Book Guide
I Hold the Heights Mulgrew, Peter 1964 Book Story
Ice Willis, Clint 1999 Book Story
Ice World: Techniques and Experiences of Modern Ice Climbing Lowe, Jeff 1996 Book Guide
In Beauty May She Walk Mass, Leslie 2009 Book Story
In High Places Haston, Dougal 1997 Book Biography
In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods Rowell, Galen 1986 Book Story
Into The Wild Krakauer, Jon 1996 Book Story
Into Thin Air Krakauer, Jon 1997 Book Story
Into Thin Air Krakauer, Jon 5-May-97 CD General
Invisible Frontier Deyo & Leibowitz 2003 Book Guide
John Muir in His Own Words Browning, Peter 1988 Book General
Journey Into Amazing Caves Macgillivray Freeman Film 2001 DVD Video
K2 Triumph and Tragedy Curran, Jim 1987 Book Story
K2, Triumph and Tragedy Curran, Jim 1987 Book General
Kankakee River State Park, Climber's Guide to Nicodemus, Matthew & Andrew 1979 Book Guide
Kayaking The Full Moon Chapple, Steve 1994 Book Story
Keep Australia on Your Left Stiller, Eric 2-Jun Book Story
Kid Who Climbed Mt. Everest, The Grylls, Bear 2000 Book Story
King Lines Lowell, Josh & Mortimer, Peter 2007 DVD Video
Kingdom of Adventure: Everest Ullman, James Ramsey 1947 Book General
Klondike Park Satterfield, Archie 1993 Book Guide
Knots for Climbers Luebben, Craig 2002 Book Guide
Knots for Mountaineering, Camping, Climbing, Utility, Rescue, Etc. Smith, Phil D. 1975 (3rd Ed) Book Guide
LA Climbs (Alternative Uses For Architecture) Hartley, Alex 2004 Book Guide
Leading Out: Mountaineering Stories of Adventurous Women De Silva, Rachel Sep-98 Book Story
Learning to Rock Climb Loughman, Michael 1981 Book Guide
Leisure Guides Climbing Bunting, James 1973 Book Guide
Lost City of the Incas Bingham, Hiram 1948/1970 Book Story
Lost Horizon Hilton, James 1964 Book Story
Lou Whittaker- Memoirs of a Mountain Guide Whittaker, Lou 1994 Book Story
Lumpy Ridge Area, A Rock Climbers & Scramblers Guide to the Salaun, Chip & Kimball, Scott 1980 Book Guide
Lumpy Ridge Revisited - Solitary Summits Kimball, Scott 1982 Book Guide
Malo's Complete Guide to Canoeing and Canoe Camping Malo, John W. 1974 Book Guide
Maphead Jennings, Ken 2011 Book General
Marble Mountain Wilderness Green, David & Ingold, Greg 1996 Book Guide
Matterhorn Centenary Lunn, Sir Arnold 1965 Book Story
Medicine For Mountaineering Wilkerson, MD James A. 1985 Book Guide
Medicine for Mountaineering and Other Wilderness Activities Wilkerson, James A. (M.D.) 1992 Book Guide
Medicine for the Backcountry Tilton, Buck & Hubbell, Frank 1990 Book Guide
Medicine for the Outdoors Auerbach, MD, Paul, S. 1986 Book Guide
Men, Myths and Mountains Clark, Ronald W. 1976 Book General
Mexico's Volcanoes A Climbing Guide Secor, R.J. 1993 (2nd ed) Book Guide
Michael's Guide to Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela Shichor, Michael 1988 Book Guide
Middle Teton: SW Couloir and South Teton: NW Coulier Alpenglow Book Guide
Mississippi Palisades, Guide to Kolocotronis, James 1965 Book Guide
Modern Mountaineering Styles, Showell 1964 Book General
Modern Mountaineering Styles, Showell 1964 Book General
Moments of Doubt Roberts, David 1986 Book Story
Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide De Hart, Allen, WVHC 1993 Book Guide
Mont Blanc Range Vol. 1 Alpine Club Guide Books 1974 Book Guide
Mount McKinley Icy Crown of North America Beckey, fred 1993 Book General
Mount Washington in Winter Pote, Winston 1985 Book General
Mount Whitney: East Buttress John Moynier & Claude Fiddler eBook General
Mount Whitney: East Face John Moynier & Claude Fiddler eBook General
Mountain Bike Adventures in the Northern Rockies McCoy, Michael Jun-89 Book Guide
Mountain Heritage Maurer,B.B. 1974 Book General
Mountain High Mountain Rescue Parr, Peggy 1987 Book Story
Mountain of Storms: The American Expeditions to Dhaulagiri Harvard, Andrew 1974 Book Story
Mountain Passages Bernstein, Jeremy 1979 Book Story
Mountain Rescue: Training Handbook for Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Teams Ministry of Defence 1968 Book Guide
Mountain Search and Rescue Operations- A Handbook for Protection Personnel Grand Teton Natural History Association 1972 (7th printing) Book General
Mountain Sickness- Prevention, Recognition and Treatment Hackett MD, Peter H. 1980 Book Guide
Mountaineering Medicine Darvill, Jr. MD, Fred T. 1985 Book Guide
Mountaineering: from Hill Walking to Alpine Climbing Blackshaw, Alan Dec-75 Book Guide
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills Graydon, Don Feb-92 Book Guide
Mountains Ives, Jack D 1994 Image Picture
Mountains of North America Beckey, Fred 1982 Image Picture
Moving over Stone Robinson, Doug 1988 VHS Video
Moving Over Stone II VHS Video
Mt. McKinley Climber's Handbook Randall & Johnson 1987 Book Guide
Mt. Washington Valley, A Climber's Guide to Cote, Joseph 1972 Book Guide
My Life as an Explorer Hedin, Sven 1925/1996 Book Story
My Tibet Dalai Lama of Tibet 1990 Book Story
Nanda Devi Roskelley, John Book Story
Natural Medicines: A Guide to the Medicinal Plant Garden at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 1988 Book Guide
Ned DeLoach's Diving Guide to Underwater Florida DeLoach, Ned Book Guide
Neither Here Nor There Bryson, Bill 1993 Book Story
Nepal Choegyal, Lisa 1997 Book Guide
New River Gorge and Summerville Lake Carter, Steve 1999 Book Guide
New River Gorge, Meadow River and Summerville Lake Carter, Steve 2006 Book Guide
New River Rock Thompson, Rick 1997 Book Guide
Niagara A History of The Falls Berton, Pierre 1994 Book Story
NightWatch Dickinson, Terence 2006 Book Guide
No Magic Helicopter Masheter, Carol 2010 Book Story
No Shit! There I Was… Hodgson, Michael 1994 Book Story
No Shortcut to the Top Viesturs, Ed 2006 Book General
No Way Down Bowley, Graham 2010 Book Story
No Way Down Bowley, Graham 2010 Book Story
Nols Wilderness First Aid Schimelpfenig, Todd and Linda Lindsey, Joan Safford (NOLS Library) 1992 Book Guide
North American water Trails Getchell, Sr. David R. 2000 (2nd edition) Book Guide
North Face Music Box Films 2008 DVD Video
Northern Light: One Couples Epic Voyage from the Arctic to the Antarctic Bjelke, Rolf 1985 Book Story
Olympic Mountains A Climbing Guide Olympic Mountain Rescue 2006 Book Guide
Olympic Mountains Trail Guide Wood, Robert L. 1984 Book Guide
On Foot in Joshua tree National Park Furbush, Patty A Book Guide
On Ice The North Face 1995 VHS Video
On Ice and Snow and Rock Rebuffat, Gaston 1970 Book General
On Rope Padgett & Smith 1988 Book Guide
On Rope: North American Vertical Rope Techniques Padgett, Allen 1987 Book Guide
On Snow and Rock Hunt, Sir John 1963 Book Guide
Open Water Certification: Sport Diver Manual and Workbook Jeppesen 1979 Book Guide
Out of the Noosphere Assorted (Outside Magazine) 1998 Book Story
Outdoor First-Aid koester, Robert J. 1992 Book Guide
Outdoor Navigation with GPS Stephen W. Hinch Oct. 2007 Book Guide
Outward Bound Map and Compass Handbook Randall, Glen 1998 Book Guide
Overloaded Ark, The Durrell, Gerald M. 1953 Book General
Pacific Northwest Hiking Judd & Nelson 1997 Book Guide
Paddle to the Amazon Starkell, Don 1989 Book Story
Palisades- Kepler State Park, The Climbers Guide to Ferguson, John B. 1978 Book Guide
Parachuting - The Skydivers Handbook Poynter, Dan & Turoff, Mike 22012 Book Guide
Paradise Found: How to Live in North America's Best Climate for Under $300 a Month Neuman, R. Emil 1986 Book General
PATHWAYS TO DISCOVERY: Exploring America's National Trails. Allen,Leslie ,& Allen,Thomas B.& Fisher,Ron and McCauley,Jane R. Book General
Pennsylvania Off The Beaten Path Perloff, Susan Book General
Pennsylvania Topo Maps Map Academy 1999 Software Software
Performance Rock Climbing Goddard, Dale & Neumann, Udo 1993 Book Guide
Performance sea Kayaking Wayne Horodowich, Jeff Cooper 3-Mar Book Guide
Petawawa River- White water Guide to Algonquin Provincial park Friends of Algonquin Park 1993 Book Guide
Pilgrims of the Vertical Taylor III, Joseph E. 2010 Book General
Pilot Rock, Kentucky, Climber's Guide to Irons, Geoff 1979 Book Guide
Pittsburgh Area Climber's Guide Jirak, Ivan L. 1971 Book Guide
 Plains & Peaks: A Wilderness Outfitter's Story Taylor, Tory 1994 Book Story
Pleasure Packing for the 80's Wood, Robert S. 1981 Book Guide
Plundering Appalachia Butler, Tom & Wuerthner, George 2009 Image Picture
Quincy quarries, A Climbers guide to the Crowther, William R. & Thompson, Anthony W. 1970 Book Guide
Ragged Mountain, Climber's Guide to Johnson, Marvin 1973 Book Guide
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Youghiogheny Appalachian River Palmer, Tim Sep-84 Book Story
Youghiogheny River Rathnow, Ron 1987 Map Map

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