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January Activity Challenge

  • 01/04/2021
  • 01/31/2021
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The ECP is hosting a free opt-in January activity challenge as a way to get us through the first month of this new year together, safely, and in a healthy way.  If you didn't already have a new year's resolution, this could be it!

The challenge is to complete 30 or more minutes of activity at least 3 days per week, each week from January 4-31.  The activity can be indoors or outdoors, and we'll blindly start with following the "qualifying activities" listed here, but any activity where you're moving or challenging your body in some way counts.  Clearly there's room for other types of activities - if you are doing sweet moves on a slacklinedancing your heart out, or cheese rolling, count that as an "other" activity.  The point is to get 2021 started off moving!

If you participate, you agree to:

  • Using the honors system, manually populate the challenge tracking spreadsheet with your name, email address (if you want a completion certificate), and update it occasionally with an accurate recording of your activities and do not alter others' entries.  Doing this constitutes your "entry" into the challenge - please don't email the list or me directly just to be added to the challenge.
    • Phil Light will be sending a link to the spreadsheet with directions for use in the next day or two
  • Have your activity data be aggregated for use in future ECP publications (no individual names will be tied to summaries/activities unless explicit permission is provided)
  • Cheer and support each other on in positive ways


  • If you're a successful participant, receive a personalized e-certificate and have your name published as such in a future ECP publication (you will receive a certificate if you input your email into the spreadsheet)
  • If you use recording devices (phone/GPS/fitness watches) to track your activities, feel free to sign up for the free Strava St. Jude Resolutions Challenge challenge.  It is the same challenge, but we wanted to ensure that we did our own thing to obviate requirements for using fitness tracking devices and Strava accounts
  • Join the ECP Strava group to see the activities that other club members are doing.  There is a discussion forum there that can be used in addition to this email thread
  • Set individual goals for total activity time over the month (in the spreadsheet)
  • Offer to lead ECP-wide, CDC-compliant, pandemic-safe activities (outdoors preferred) if so inclined

Contacts (*email Lenny if you would not like your name to be published for successful completion):

We hope you join us for this challenge and start off 2021 in a great way!  If this challenge is successful, it could motivate future iterations with enhanced rewards for completion :)

Adopting the motto "Research, Education, and Adventure" in 1947, for three generations the ECP has provided the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends who share a willingness to accept the physical and mental challenges of outdoor exploration and adventure.

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