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Annie's Run 2021 - 17th Annual

  • 07/10/2021
  • 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Gilfillan Trail, Upper St. Clair

Annie's 6-Hour Run
Saturday, July 10, 2021
6am until noon
Gilfillan Trail, Upper St. Clair

Run a 5k or run an ultra! Mark your calendars for the 17 Annual Annie's 6 Hour Run.

This trail is a 1.25 mile loop with 200’ gain (up a hill and into the woods where you then run down a hill and then across a flat field). The course inside the woods is typical dirt trail, the course outside of the woods is wood chips--soft and springy surface! In this loop you'll cross two bridges, see a farm with cows, a garden, plus lots of wildlife. Half of the loop is in cool shady woods and the other half can get hot and sunny.

You’ll run clockwise for an hour then counterclockwise for an hour, switching directions on the hour at the start/finish line. You won’t get bored, the uphills become downhills, and downhills become uphills.

The run always goes clockwise at the 6am start (flat section along Rt 19 and then turning LEFT up the long hill into the woods and down a hill, crossing the bridges, and back to start to add your slash to the board). Every hour on the hour the course is switched to run the opposite way. So at the beginning of EVEN numbered hours (6am, 8am, 10am) the course is run CLOCKWISE. At the beginning of ODD numbered hours (7am, 9am 11am), the course is run counter-clockwise.

Can't imagine that loop for six hours? That's ok...it's so informal/low key that you can start at any time you want and do as many or as few loops as you want — run, walk, jog. Sit and rest for a bit then start up again. Not feeling it? Stop whenever you like. Having a good day? Keep going as long as you like.

Bring some friends! Definitely bring family members. Although the course isn't stroller friendly, it is kid friendly!

Bring a drop bag and folding chair if you like. No need to carry a belt or hydration pack while you run. You’ll have access to them every loop.

This is a unique running race in the Pittsburgh area since it's a time race rather than a specific distance (as much distance as you can achieve in the specific six hour time frame).

It’s a fun way to get in a shorter distance run -- or 40+ miles. Plus you'll always have company during your loops.

Fluids and food are provided (Audrey Burgoon, Race Director, is cooking!!). Porta-john on site. Ample free parking at the Westminster Presbyterian Church lot right across the street from the trail start.

After you complete each loop, you put a slash mark beside your name on the flip chart. Winners are those with the most "slashes" (miles) when the race ends at noon. Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in male and female categories. Accumulating more slash marks becomes addicting -- and it's especially satisfying to mark a DIAGONAL slash mark (5 loops!).

Cost: $5 (yes, $5!) per hour, whether you run 1 minute or all 60 minutes, with a cap of $20. (examples: 1 hour 15 minutes would be $10; Two hours 46 minutes would be $15; Run 4 hours and 42 minutes and it would be $20; Remember the race fee is capped at $20, so anything you run over 4 hours is FREE! Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners Club members' cost will be a flat fee of $1. At registration, you can join the GPRRC in order to get this bargain race fee!) A portion of the profits will be donated to a charity.

To keep costs low: Race day registration only. No website or Internet fees. No swag or finisher medals. We'll continue the tradition -- the winners get a fresh baked pie!

Check out the Facebook event for more!

Adopting the motto "Research, Education, and Adventure" in 1947, for three generations the ECP has provided the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends who share a willingness to accept the physical and mental challenges of outdoor exploration and adventure.

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